131 Weeks - The Next Phase

On New Year's Eve 2018 the 131Weeks Project began. Between then and July 2020 it had amassed over 11,000 followers on Twitter, and the daily events were being read over a million times a month. The archived timeline grew to a definitive record of hundreds of thousands of words.

However, the COVID19 pandemic brought about an unscheduled hiatus in the project. The next phase of the project will begin on 11th July 2021 - the centenary of  the Truce and the end of the Irish War of Independence. It will be called 50Weeks; The Truce. As the name suggests, it will follow a similar format to 131Weeks by looking at the daily history of Ireland, Britain, and the wider world in the 50 weeks from the formal cessation of the War of Independence, to the outbreak of the Irish Civil War.

During this relatively short period of time, the Second Dáil convened, the Treaty is signed, 13 Protestants are killed in Cork, and the IRA refuses to recognise the authority the Dáil. It culminated in the outbreak of renewed violence in Ireland which would leave almost 2,000 further people dead, to add to the 2,000 people that died in the previous few years.

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