Note from Ger

This is the most definitive timeline of the Irish War of Independence online. As it is the entire archive of the @131weeks Project, it is the most detailed timeline for any historical period anywhere in the world ever undertaken with thousands of individual events logged on each and every day from 30th December 1918.

Simply scroll through the page to move from one date to the next. To search for a particular date, location, and/or individual, hit 'Ctrl' plus 'f' ('⌘' plus 'f' on Mac) and type in the search bar.

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure accuracy of dates, given the volume of information, some information may be incorrect as a result of data entry or human error on the part of the original source author or myself. Please do get in contact via the home page to discuss amendments.

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As long-time followers of the @131weeks project will be aware, owing to serious unforeseen personal circumstances, research took an unfortunate eleven month hiatus at the height of the COVID19 Pandemic. 

Therefore, the timeline  jumps from this point to 25th May 1921. It is the eventual intention to address this gap in the timeline from July 2023 to May 2024.