Timeline of the Irish War of Independence

30th December 1918


Republican Wing of Crumlin Road Gaol closed off. Sinn Féin inmates, led by Austin Stack, hold a march with music and smuggled instruments and flags. Laurence O'Neill, Lord Mayor of Dublin seeks meeting with Castle authorities to end crisis.


400 Volunteers march through Nenagh to mark election of Joe McDonagh. They march behind 50 torch bearers, and three Americans (two nurses and a soldier) who carry American flag and tricolour. 2,000 people gather on Barrack Street to hear speeches.


A torchlight procession of 1,000 people, followed by a meeting, takes place in Athy to celebrate Art O'Connor's and Domhnall Ua Buachalla's victory in the Kildare constituencies. They congregate in Market Square where tar barrels are lit in celebration.

Carlow - Graigue

A large procession of people marched through streets of Carlow, headed by the Carlow-Graigue fife and drum and Carlow Pipe band, to celebrate the election of Kevin O'Higgins in the Laois Constituency.


The Court Martial of Myles, Michael and John Walsh, of Tullow, Carlow, takes place - charged with possession of explosives. Myles was found not guilty. The case against John was thrown out. Michael was remanded for consideration of verdict.

31st December 1918


Count George Noble Plunkett, recently elected Sinn Féin candidate for North Roscommon, arrives in Dublin after 7 months imprisonment in Birmingham Jail.


The Nenagh Fife and Drum Band parade through the town after midnight on New Year's Eve to celebrate the passing of 1918.

1st January 1919

Kill, Kildare

Kill Town Hall, a small wooden and galvanized structure used by locality for dances and events is burned to the ground.


W. Darcy and P. Lyons, two popular locals, that were arrested two weeks ago on suspicion of Volunteer activity are released from Limerick Jail without charge. They receive a warm reception on their return to their homes


Baltinglass man, John Gallagher, court-martialled in connection with seizure of documents outlining Volunteer plan to seize Tullow Police Barracks and claim important documents from the Post Office. Verdict to decided later


Following the intervention of Lord Mayor of Dublin, Laurence O'Neill Republican prisoners in Belfast Jail, led by Austin Stack agree to end their isolation and cooperate with authorities.

2nd January 1919


A meeting of the Carlow Guardians is told that 209 people resided in Carlow Workhouse during Christmas 1918.


At a meeting of local farmers, a policy of protest was adopted at the military's continued practice of commandeering hay from locals. It is stated that at a time when the army was getting rid most of their horses, the forced seizure of hay wasn't necessary

Irish Coast

A storm in the Irish Sea causes long delays to shipping and passenger ships in the Irish Sea. The same weather front causes the sinking of the HMS Iolaire off the Scottish Hebrides resulting in the loss of 205 men.

3rd January 1919


What the Wicklow Newsletter claimed to be 'a record' number of 100 people queued up for unemployment benefit along Main Street. £425 was distributed to those that qualified.

Ballina, Tipperary

Prominent Sinn Féiner, James McKeogh's house in Ballina is raided by 30 armed soldiers, and 15 policemen. They searched the McKeogh home on suspicion of Volunteer literature, but left without finding anything


The home of E Fitzpatrick is raided by armed soldiers looking for materials in contravention of the Defense of the Realm Act (DORA). They found nothing but removed a photograph of DeValera


Cathal Brugha is arrested. A policeman approached as he awaited train to Dublin. He asked him his name. When Brugha replied, the policeman asked 'was that Irish?' The arrest was then made. It is the first arrest of an elected official since the election.


At a meeting of Dublin Corporation, it is unanimously decided to offer the Freedom of the city to President Woodrow Wilson, on occasion of his visit to Europe. A delegation, led by the Lord Mayor is selected, to travel to Paris to try meet him.

4th January 1919


Much amusement was generated in the town when an 'aeroplane' was forced to land in a field just outside Greystones. He took off the following morning amid much fanfare.


The Kilkenny People reports that there were 260 people residing in Kilkenny Workhouse, the same number as resided there on 4th January 1918. The average cost during the week for each person was 7s. 6d. This rose to 16 s. for those in the Fever Hospital


The home of an elderly woman, Mary Keogh, Main Street, Killaloe, was raided by the local RIC Sergeant, Sgt. Harrington. Photos of the Archbishop of Melbourne, Dr. Mannix, and the late Bishop O'Dwyer of Limerick are taken away.

Pwllheli, West Wales

PM Lloyd George visits his native Wales and attends function in Welsh. He praises the region for not forgetting its language or traditions. This comes hours after the release of Cathal Brugha, arrested in Thurles for giving his name in Irish

5th January 1919


A public meeting is held in the town, along with several other towns across Ireland, during which a resolution was adopted demanding the release of Irish prisoners from British Jails


Hundreds of people attend public meeting in the Market Square in Bagnasltown demanding release of Sinn Féin prisoners

'Kitchener did not live long afterwards. Like the Pharaohs of old, he and his horsemen were drowned in the sea. Maxwell still lives, but Maxwell will be left to the will of God'


Mrs. A.M Laracy, member of local District Council, says at the local protest meeting 'When Kitchener and that brute...Maxwell decided to execute [Pearse] they little dreamed such a spirit as has animated Ireland with their bloody deeds ...


A Sinn Féin branch is established in Ballacolla. Over 40 people are enrolled to the branch. Mr. J. Hyland presided over the meeting and they decided to call themselves the 'Thomas Ashe Club'


Kevin O'Higgins addresses the Maryborough public meeting; 'Sinn Féin is no longer a political party, it is the Irish nation and it speaks now with all the force, moral, and if necessary,the physical force of the people of Ireland to back its claim'

6th January 1919


The main attraction at Kilkenny Cinema is 'Thelma', a six-reel adaptation of Marie Corelli's book of the same name. In the lead role is Malvina Longfellow who was embroiled in the death of Billie Carleton in London weeks before

Oyster Bay, New York

The 26th President of the Unites States, Theodore Roosevelt dies, aged 60

7th January 1919


John Mahon, Banagher, is courtmartialled in Maryborough. He is charged with possession of ammunition and explosives following a search of his home in November 1918. Verdict to be reached at later date.


The first meeting of elected Sinn Féin MPs from the General Election takes place. They take an oath pledging not to attend the English Parliament and to accept nothing less than complete separation from England.


Chaos in the German Capital as 500,000 striking workers descend upon downtown and several armed strikers occupy key buildings. The Spartacist Uprising is led by Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht.

8th January 1919


It is recorded that 508 people resided in Maryborough Asylum. Three people have escaped in recent weeks, and one man died yesterday in unknown circumstances.


Four men are courtmartialled under charges against the D.O.R.A; Philip Lennon (New Ross), John Maher (Goldengrove, Tipperary), William Dwyer (Dundrum, Tipperary), and Ben Hickey (Golden, Tipperary). None of the men refuse to recognise the Court.

9th January 1919


The Annual Concert in aid of the Christian Brothers School @CBSKilkenny1859 takes place in the Theatre Royal. The event is sold out and featured a performance of ‘Paid in His Own Coin’ by members of the dramatic class.


Charles Brien, from Shankill, was given a reception in Bray following a parade escort into the town’s Sinn Féin Rooms by the local pipe band. Brien had spent three months in Belfast Prison.


Thomas Cullen is before court for assaulting 2 RIC Officers on day three men were imprisoned for commemorating the Manchester Martyrs. The court was packed with armed officers, a military battalion stood by in the Barracks. Cullen is remanded on bail.

10th January 1919


It is announced that Ian Macpherson, 1st Baron Strathcarron, is to succeed Edward Shortt as Chief Secretary to Ireland. Shortt moves to London to become Home Secretary. Lord French to remain as Lord Lieutenant of Ireland

Mountjoy Prison

Republican prisoners continue not to cooperate with officials. Extensive damage is caused to several cells throughout the jail


Six men are brought before court charged with Volunteer drilling. Two of them are sentenced to three months prison with hard labour, another for two months, during proceedings a woman wearing a Sinn Féin badge was removed

11th January 1919


Shortly after 10am, 30 RIC Officers raid the Sinn Féin HG on Hardcourt Street. No arrests were made, but literature was seized such as the draft constitution of Dáil Éireann and American pamphlets supporting the Easter Rising


F.E Smith is appointed Lord Chancellor as Lord Birkenhead. During the Home Rule Crisis he stated that Carson could rely upon ‘the most extreme action’ in support of defence of Ulster.


The Jewish Community of Dublin make their second large donation to the Evening Herald’s ‘Boot Fund’, set up to buy shoes for poor children in the city.

12th January 1919


A meeting of the Irish Reconstruction Committee is held at the Royal College of Science to discuss the possibility of harnessing the power of water to generate electricity


Unconfirmed reports of the death of the leader of the Sparticist Uprising, Karl Liebknecht as he has not been seen for three days. Uprising spreads to German provinces as authorities begin to get upper hand in German capital


A detailed report outlining how many casualties were caused in GB by German airraids during the War is released. There was a total of 5,611 casualties, 1,360 deaths (295 children were killed)

Croke Park

@TipperaryGAA defeat @MayoGAA 2-2 to 1-4 to advance to the 1918 All-Ireland Football final. In front of 4,000 spectators, Tipperary score a last minute point to advance to the decider.


A Sale-of-Work is held in the Royal Hospital, Kilmainham, for wounded soldiers. It is opened by Lord French

13th January 1919


4 survivors from the sunken Schooner, Fleetwing, arrive back in Dublin. The Wicklow Newsletter reports they're in poor state after their ordeal. The Fleetwing was 45 year old, 78 ton, 2 mast schooner that sunk in a gale in Caernarfon Bay, off Welsh Coast


Bill Hoolan, prominent Nenagh Volunteer, returns to town from six month’s imprisonment in Belfast Prison. En-route from Belfast he dropped into Michael Collins in GHQ inquiring as to why Austin Stack’s plan for a break out of Belfast prison was blocked


Trouble in Mountjoy continues. In protest at treatment of prisoners, several men refuse to return to their cells after exercise. One of the most prominent is William Sears, TD. Rathdrum men are also imprisoned including John Byrne and James Barnes.


Despite judiciary being present, and a jury sworn in, the Quarterly-Sessions are told that there was no case from Dublin to proceed with. The Recorder notes it is a good omen that 1919 will be a peaceable year for the city and district


A meeting of the Arklow Urban Council passes a resolution demanding the release of all Irish prisoners in English prisons unanimously


Amidst a downpour, a large military funeral takes place. Tom Greene, of Lyster’s Lane, is buried. Members of the Leinster Regiment attend as his coffin, draped in a Union Jack, is brought to graveyard


The local Sinn Féin club forcibly acquire a room in Naas Town Hall for their club rooms.

Buenos Aires

Violence between police and striking workers in the Argentine capital increase as violent mobs attack Jewish quarters of the city. Hundreds of people are feared dead in Argentina’s Semana TrÁgica (Tragic Week)

14th January 1919


Amount of delegates each country is allowed at the Peace Conference is decided upon. USA, UK, France, Italy and Japan will have 5 delegates each. Brazil, owing to ‘its important population’, will have 3. China will only have 2, same as Belgium and Serbia.


Work ceased in shipyards at noon to allow for a ballot for either 47 or 44 hour working week. Tensions rise as spectre of a widespread strike grows


An inquiry is held into an incident whereby Sergeant Timothy Hegarty unlawfully arrested the local Methodist Minister, and that he was on the same day guilty of drunkenness and of being improperly dressed. Verdict to be announced at later date


After the Fair was held in the town, local farmers met in the Hibernian Hall and formed themselves into a cooperative.

15th January 1919


Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht are arrested in Berlin by paramilitary Freikorps and brought to the Eden Hotel where they are tortured for hours

Luxemburg is shot dead afterwards and thrown in a canal. Liebknecht is forced out of a moving car and shot in the back, to give impression he died whilst evading capture, which was the official line that was given to the world’s press


Horace Plunkett departs for America. Before he leaves he states he had hoped that the War would have brought England and Ireland together, but that President Wilson could represent the Irish people far better than the PM at upcoming Paris conference


A massive tank full of molasses burst in the North End District of Boston. It releases millions of gallons of the thick black substance which hurtled at 35 mph into the adjoining neighbourhood. 21 people die.

Of the 21 that die, 10 are Irish American;

Patrick Breen (44)

William Brogan (61)

Bridget Clougherty (65)

Stephen Clougherty (34)

John Callahan (34)

William Duffy (58)

James Kineally

Micheal Sinnot (76)

James McMullan (46)

Peter Shaughnessy (18)

2 more men who died, Peter Francis (64) and Tom Noonan (43) are Irish born

16th January 1919


Widespread dismay as it is announced that Peace Conference will be held behind closed doors, away from press. The Paris PA correspondent says ‘The governments of the 5 great powers have decided to keep the press at arm’s length and the public in ignorance’


A Sinn Féin victory celebration was held in a packed town hall in Athy. The modest entry fee was put towards costs accrued during the recent campaign.


A strike continues in McCurtin’s bakers in the town. An ITGWU rep told the Nenagh Guardian that the striking bakers demanded 10s increase in wages, or a reduction in output, or the hiring of an extra baker

17th January 1919


On the eve of the opening of the Peace Conference, international newspaper condemnation of a press shutout imposed during talks continues. They suggest that the implied secret diplomacy which could occur was opposed by President Wilson and PM Lloyd George


A large fire destroys a large store to the rear of Fitzgerald’s Printing Works on Parnell Street. The Fire Brigade, in the knowledge that the fire could not be put out, focused on containing it and stopping its spread to the adjoining buildings


The third meeting of Republican members of parliament is held in Dublin. Sean T. O’Kelly presides as discussions are held over conduct of business for the first proper public parliament meeting which will take place on Tuesday next in the Mansion House


Ahead of a rumoured strike of up to half a million workers, martial law is imposed in Barcelona. It is stated that the group organising the strike are 'Bolshevik' in nature, and some newspapers comment upon Lenin himself being in the Spanish city

Finuge, Kerry

The Kerryman reports an incident where a group, armed with sticks and stones, and fueled by pints of porter assembled in centre of village demanding Sinn Féiners fight them. After their call is unanswered they break a few windows and retire to rest

Monard, Cork

Two soldiers guarding the Monard Rail Bridge are shot at close range by two men behind a fence. One of the men, Private Hardman, is shot in the head. They are immediately conveyed to hospital, where Hardman's condition is said to be serious


Bernard Campbell, solicitor is sentenced for one month in prison for using seditious language at a Sinn Féinn meeting. When speaking about a Volunteer that fought in Ashbourne in 1916, he said...

'That man was a true patriot and a great Irishman who fought at Ashbourne, and there accounted for 20 or 30 of the greatest enemies of Ireland - the Royal Irish Constabulary. Those men have always been greater enemies of Ireland than even the English themselves'

Cambridge University

The compulsory study of Greek in the University, which has been in place for 90 years, is overturned by a vote of 162 to 14


At Bank of Ireland's half yearly meeting it is announced that they have made a profit of £214,000 in the last six months. They have deposits of £20 million

18th January 1919


The Peace Conference opens in the Clock Hall of the French Foreign Office with a speech by French President, Raymond PoincarÉ. He concludes by pledging a league of nations as a guarantee against any fresh assaults upon the rights of peoples


The Irish ‘Government’ meets in Dublin Castle. It includes Viscount French (Lord Lieutenant), Denis Henry (Attorney-General, Solicitor General), James Macmahon (Irish Under Secretary), General Sir Frederick Shaw (Commander in Chief of Forces in Ireland)

19th January 1919

Three Rock Mountain, Dublin

2 RIC Officers come upon 50 Volunteers drilling in the Dublin Mtns. The Volunteers rushed at the Officers, based in Stepaside, and tied them up, relieving them of their weapons and ammo. They took off in direction of city.

Kildalkey, Meath

Dry January in evidence in Kildalkey as the local temperance movement enrols 10 new members, brining total membership to 160. They pledge to organise a protest against alcohol for St. Patrick’s Day

Croke Park

@OfficialWexGAA defeat @louthgaa to win the 1918 Leinster Football Final. It is their sixth title in a row


A meeting of Sinn Féin clubs from Carlow is held. Represented were Tullow, Ballyhacket, Carlow, Clashganny, Clonegal, Clonmore, Hacketstown, Leighlinbridge, Myshall, Rathanna, Rathvilly, and Tynock


A meeting of workers is held with a view towards organising a county-wide labour movement. Representatives from ITGWU, Land and Labour Association, and Queen’s Co. National School Teachers Association spoke at event

Gragara, Kilkenny

An angry crowd of farmers meet in the townland of Gragara to voice their anger at the unfair division of land by Lord Bellew. A resolution is passed demanding that fairness and justice is sought in a non-violent manner


It is reported that an RIC Constable, Private Grehan, who was missing, presumed dead following the sinking of the Leinster in October 1918, turns up at his mother's home alive and well

20th January 1919

Tipperary Town

Patrick O’Dwyer begins his 7th morning watching Tipp barracks, keeping an eye out for a load of gelignite to be transported to @SoloheadbegC. After fruitless day he went to a disused house on SeÁn Hogan’s farm in hope his watch would end tomorrow


The London Times Cork correspondent doubts that Sinn Féin have any ‘extra-parliamentary’ plans ahead of the first Dáil tomorrow. He says that talk of a general strike among other things are ‘an amateurish imitation of the old land-league’

Sinn Féin Headquarters, Hardcourt Street, Dublin

By 11am there are only 20 tickets left for gallery for tomorrow’s meeting of Dáil Éireann. The final tickets are quickly snapped up and a notice is placed on the door of the SF HQ stating no tickets are remaining


Over 200 people gather in Cootehill in expectation of a public meeting to form a local labour movement. However, after over an hour of waiting, they are forced to disperse in disappointment as nobody from the ITGWU HQ turns up, as had been agreed


Tensions rise as Meath SF call on members to stop hunting until the release of all SF prisoners in England. The Meath Farmer’s Association responds by denouncing the call to cease hunting.


The Carlow branch of the Women’s National Health Association (WHNA). The WHNA is a women’s movement set up to eradicate TB among the poor in Ireland and to reduce infant mortality rates.


Gearóid O’Sullivan is arrested. He is charged with making an illegal speech in Ennis. He is held until a motor car arrives from Clare with RIC Officers. O’Sullivan is released after they state he was not the man that gave the offending speech


The problem of unemployment in the town is shown once again, when nine men are moved to Wicklow to work in the local Manure Works, but several had to return as lodgings could not be secured for them


The local Sinn Féin club condemn the action of some members who maliciously broke windows from certain townspeople’s windows on same evening as their victory celebration following the election


600 operatives go on strike bringing work in the local Woollen Mill to a standstill. They are all members of the English Trade Union, the National Union of General Workers. They object to some co-workers who refuse to join the union

21st January 1919


Tipperary Town

Patrick O’Dwyer observes a cart of gelignite leaving the barracks, being driven by James Godfrey, accompanied by a County Council Officer, Patrick Flynn, and two RIC Officers. O’Dwyer makes his way to Soloheadbeg to report to Sean Treacy



When cart of gelignite reaches Soloheadbeg, 8 Volunteers await. Dan Breen & Sean Treacy call ‘halt, put your hands up’. When the two RIC officers move to aim their weapons they are shot dead. They are James McDonnell and Patrick O'Connell.


Dawson Street, Dublin

27 men, who were elected in the 1918 General Election to Parliament, enter the Round Room of the Mansion House. They were greeted by prolonged cheers from the men and women that had gained entry to the room #Dail100


Mansion House

A hush fell over the packed gallery once Count Plunkett began to speak in Irish. He proposed that Cathal Brugha be appointed President of the assembly for the day #Dail100

This was unanimously agreed to and the Dublin man, representing Waterford County became the first leader of an Irish legislative assembly since John Foster, the last speaker of the Irish House of Commons before the Act of Union


Mansion House

Brugha read out the names of each person invited to attend, including all Unionist and Irish Parliamentary Party MPs. There was much laughter when Edward Carson’s name was announced and noted as absent.

Usk Prison, South East Wales

Frank Shouldice, Joe McGrath, George Geraghty and Barney Mellows escape from Usk Prison late in the evening. Their escape plan had not been shared with GHQ and put under threat ongoing efforts to break DeValera out of Lincoln Prison


Another outbreak of violence in the Crumlin Road Jail as cells were smashed by republican prisoners. Authorities entered the wind and forcibly handcuffed 40 prisoners in an effort to subdue them

Lincoln Prison

SeÁn Etchingham, elected MP for Wicklow East, is released from Lincoln Prison on medical grounds. His release is seen as a move to stop any potential trouble had he died in the prison, where he was incarcerated along with Eamonn deValera


The @NenaghGuardian points to the tragedy in Soloheadbeg; though the system they represent is one of the most anti-national in the entire world. The Irish people have recognised that it is alien spirit in control and not the ordinary constable at fault

Richmond Road, Dublin

Mr. Alfred Pearson, a middle-aged man, was found dead on a footpath near his home with gunshot wounds


A major search is carried out by 7 RIC Officers of the premises of T. Kavanagh, Railway Tavern, in connection with an associate of Kavanagh’s, Mr. Gregory, who is secretary of the Arklow SF Club. Another search is carried out of McGraths on Main St


John Hayden, Offaly St, Athy, is courtmaritalled for possession of documentation likely to cause ‘disaffection to his Majesty’. Hayden refuses to recognise court and when proceedings concludes he sings ‘Soldier’s Song’ as he is dragged away


The local Cumann na mBan are allowed to give dinners to the men that were being courtmartialled, including John Hayden, and 3 others. The DORA prisoners were very grateful for their kindness

Avoca, Wicklow

Michael Traynor is expected to his home in Avoca following his release from Belfast Prison. He had played a pivotal role in the food strike in the prison and events there last Christmas and New Years


The Meath Farmer’s Association ramp up their opposition to Sinn Féin and formally pass a resolution denouncing their call for a stop on all hunting in the county until release of all republican prisoners in English jails


Derrycastle House is destroyed by fire. The house had been owned by the Spaight family, and there had been much rancour at prospect of unfair division of attached lands in 1918. W.L Hodgins, Nenagh Solicitor, ended up buying the house in late 1918


A bill is read in the House of Commons relating to the potential application of the system of Proportional Representation voting for Irish local elections

22nd January 1919

Hardcourt St., Dublin

Having heard that SeÁn Etchingham had a message from Lincoln Jail for him, Michael Collins rushes back to Dublin from England. He bursts into a room in HQ and demands of Con Collins and Piaras BÉalsaí where he was...

Having no idea where he was, Collins left and soon caught up with the released man. Capping off a hectic day, Collins then covertly left Dublin for England again that night to continue plans for an attempt to spring DeValera from his majesty's hospitality in Lincoln

22nd January 1919

Coachford, Cork

The remains of Constable Patrick O'Connell arrive by motor car from Tipperary ahead of funeral. Constable James McDonnell will be interred in St. Michael's Cemetery in Tipperary tomorrow

23rd January 1919

Tipperary Town

Constable James McDonnell, one of the two men that died in the Soloheadbeg Ambush, is buried in St. Michael's Cemetery in Tipperary


Laurence O'Neill is re-elected for a third term as Lord Mayor of Dublin. He says 'they were passing through dangerous times did not know what fate might be in store for them and that that the year to come wasn't going to be one of sublime sunshine'


William F. O'Connor is elected Lord Mayor of Cork


John C. White is elected Lord Mayor of Belfast


Peter DeLoughry is elected Lord Mayor of Kilkenny. He is currently imprisoned in Lincoln Jail and is deeply involved in plans for an escape of DeValera from the prison


Phons O'Mara is re-elected Lord Mayor of Limerick


Sean Etchingham and George Lyons, who were released on from Lincoln and Usk prisons, give detailed interviews to the Evening Herald and Irish Indo on their experiences. Etchingham described how DeValera hosted daily Spanish and Irish classes in Lincoln


Patrick Flynn, the County Council worker who escorted the consignment of gelignite to Soloheadbeg on Tuesday, is hospitalised for stress. He collapsed yesterday at the official coroner's inquest into the deaths of the 2 RIC Officers


A landmark case continues in which a hotel is appealing that government owes it rent for having its premises commandeered during the war for military purposes. In defence, a government solicitor quotes statutes set out by Henry VIII in the 16th Century

Tipperary South Riding

Tipperary South Riding is declared, by the Army Council and the Chief Secretary, a special military area following the Soloheadbeg ambush. Armed troops begin to flow into the district

The towns of Cashel and Ballyporeen see a number of companies of troops take residence for the first time as Crown Forces continue their investigations


The 2 men arrested in connection with the Soloheadbeg ambush are released. They are Patrick O'Gorman, Chruchfield, Donohill, and Edward Brown, Ballagh, Dundrum.


The English Morning Press newspaper reporting on the Soloheadbeg deaths states that there has been open conflict in Ireland for years now, and that Irish and British men are being shot in the open streets or from behind hedges.

Lincoln Prison

A letter written by Michael Collins is smuggled into DeValera. Collins explains that the next attempt to break out of the prison will take place on 28th Janaury


Michael Guilfoyle is unanimously re-elected as chairman of Nenagh Urban District Council for the 29th year in a row


J. Hoey, Michael Moran, and Thomas Dunleavy were arrested by RIC officers in Tuam. All were members of the SF Club. Amidst the scuffle in the arrest of the three men an officer's rifle was accidentally discharged, narrowly avoiding one of the men

Kilbride, Meath

Several homes are raided in the area including those of John Ballesty, James Hanley, and Thomas Daly. During another raid of the home of P.J Bartley, the clerk of Oldcastle Union, several copies of republican songs are taken away


The @NenaghGuardian notes that for the first time ever, there are no criminal cases to be brought before the County Court Judge in the town. Criminal activity seems to have ceased and the town is peaceable...

24th January 1919


As labour unrest grows around the country, the Post Office authorities draft in several men to complete the work of laying a cable to Valentia Island which had begun by local men on strike for better wages

Mullagh, Cavan

Four men and their horses, that were surfacing roads in the area, go on strike in protest at Cavan County Council not paying them for the past five weeks. The Meath Chronicle poses the question why would Cavan not pay their men and Meath would..?


Pat Cash, who had spent month in Limerick Prison for putting up a Sinn Féin poster, returned home to a remarkable reception. He was led into the village with a torchlit procession of hundreds of young men amid flaming tar-barrels and the local band


A libel case between Laurence O’Neill, Lord Mayor, and Irish Times begins. O’Neill objects to the Times, in an article on 26/6/18 in which it is claimed he was trying to smuggle the Mansion House Anti-Conscription petition to Woodrow Wilson

Lincoln Prison

Frank Kelly delivers a cake to the prison. Within, are two keys, made in a Manchester locksmith under orders of Harry Boland, who had brought the cake from the home of Liam McMahon, whose housekeeper baked it. The keys, however, did not work

25th January 1919


The libel case that Laurence O’Neill, Lord Mayor, takes against the Irish Times ends. Jury are unable to reach a verdict after several attempts by the Judge to offer legal guidance. The foreman eventually stated it was hopeless, and they were discharged


Belfast dock workers cease work at noon. The street lights are not lit as the city is plunged into darkness owing to workers in electricity and gas works downing tools too. It will not be clear how significant the strike will be until Monday


Patrick McGoldrick and Patrick O’Halloran are sentenced to a month’s imprisonment for their participation in an unlawful assembly in the town. McGoldrick was charged with using seditious language such as ‘Up Dublin’ and ‘Up the Rebels


A play, ‘For the Cause, Story of ‘98’, is banned from continuing in the Town Hall. It is replaced by the non-political ‘My Irish Home’


Margaret Pearse is present as RIC Officers search St. Enda’s School. Little material of use to them is found.

Tipperary Town

As part of the designation as a special military area, military roadblocks block farmers entering Tipp Town for the market.


Wartime divisions of football in England continues. Despite losing their first game of the season to Man. City, Everton lead the Lancashire section. Nott. Forest lead the midland section. Brentford beat Cry. Palace 6-1 to secure their lead in London.

26th January 1919


At 8pm a party of 5 soldiers were attacked by a group of unknown men in an attempt to seize their arms. It is the first time that such an incident has occurred in the twelve months that soldiers had taken up a base in the town


At Sunday masses, priests and bishops condemn the ambush in Soloheadbeg and the needless taking of life. Archbishop Harty, speaking in Thurles Cathedral, said that 'we all look on the horror of the deed and the outrage against Christian morals'


Street lights remain out, and tramlines grind to a halt as the labour chaos grows in the city. Electricity is only being supplied on an emergency basis to some hospitals

Fleet Street, London

The Daily Mail publishes an article outlining how a number of well-known Dublin citizens had occupied an island in Dublin Bay and solemnly declared it to be a Republic and prepared a message to the Free Nations of the World


A 'competitive smoking concert' is held in the CYMS Hall. Smoking concerts were popular events in 1800s, they were evenings of music before a male-only audience. The term smoking came from fact that men indulged in smoking liberally w/out women present


The Leix and Ossory Sinn Féin Executive meet. Representatives from all over the constituency come together to discuss plans for 1919. The attendees are as follows;

Mr. P. J. O'Neill, Vice-President, Leix Executive...

T. Delaney and E. P. McEvoy (Abbeyleix)

J. Muldowney and D. Sheil (Ballinakill), P. Flynn (Ballybrittas), R. Hipwell (Courtwood), T. McHugh, and Mr. Broderick (Ballyadams), J Fleming and Mr. Hurley (Ballylinan), Mr. Bolton, and Mr. McEvoy (Graiguecullen)...

M J Phelan and J. Delaney (Rathdowney), E. J. Poole, (Rosenallls), Arthur Costello, and M. Tynan (Portarlington)

J. Campion and Mr. Hyland (Cullobhlll), E. P. Tarrant, and M Moore (Castletwon), P. O’Flanagan and Mr. Farrell (Durrow), M. Fogarty and Mr. Delaney (Errill), M. D. Egan (Kyle), S. Lynch and W. Kavanagh (Mountmellick), Mr. Morris and Mr. Rourke (Mountrath)...

J. Ramsbottom (Timahoe), M. O'Connell (Vicarstown), T Dunne end J. Fleming (Wolfhill), T. Hyland (Borris-in-Ossory), Mr. Tynan and Mr. Delaney (Camross), P. Brennan and Mr. Davis (Clonaslee), W.J. O'Connor (Ballacolla), and

Mr. Wrafter (Clough)...

P. Connor and Mr. Gorman (Killenard), T. Carpenter and Mr. Byrne (Kllcruise), J.Ramsbottom and P. J. Brophy (Knock), W. Ramsbottom (Heath), J. J. Delaney and P Case (Maryborough), Mr. Scully and Mr. Malone (Emo),

M. T. O'Connor and Mr. Fingleton (Stradbally)..

Croke Park

@LimerickCLG defeat @OfficialWexGAA 9-5 to 1-3 to win the 1918 All-Ireland Hurling Final, their 2nd title and 1st in 22 years.

27th January 1919


On the first working day since the beginning of the strike, the full impact of withdrawal of labour is felt. Gravediggers from City Council join the growing list of workmen striking in sympathy with their colleagues in the docks


Two hand grenades are thrown into Derry gaol. One of them did not go off. The one that did caused significant damage to the women's section of the prison, but nobody was injured


Sean McDermott Sinn Féin club join a growing list of clubs to ban hunting in their area until the release of political prisoners in England is secured


Eamonn Bulfin and Frank Bulfin, two sons of Señor Eamonn Bulfin, the Birr-born writer based in Argentina, are released from Durham prison. Eamonn Bulfin was the man that raised the green 'Irish Republic' flag over the GPO during the Rising


A group of school children find a 1lb stick of gelignite near Allen Creamery. It was discarded by the Volunteers that carried out the ambush the previous Monday in Soloheadeg. RIC subsequently found other explosives in the area discarded too

Cappawhite, Tipperary

Military officers search homes in the Cappawhite area, as well as in Creenane. A dance that was taking place in the hall in Cappawhite was broken up by police and the military took occupation of the building

28th January 1919


Crisis continues to deepen as strike continues. A large fire at the lower end of Donegall Street damages several buildings and warehouses exacerbating the menacing outlook the city finds itself in


A man is arrested and charged with the attempted murder of an RIC Officer the previous June in Tralee. The arrested man is John Cronin who also went by the aliases Richard Macrear and Joseph Hegarty.


John Doyle, Summerhill Avenue, Sandycove, is arrested and charged in connection with the incident involving a group of Volunteers attacking two RIC Officers on Three Rock Mountain


Famous cartoonist, Jack Morrow, is brought before court charged in possession of government files with intent to distribute. As proceedings opened Morrow asked was the court recognised by Dáil Éireann. When told it wasn’t he refused to register a plea.


The Evening Herald publishes an article outlining the significance Soloheadbeg has played in Irish history before. It was there, in 968, that Brian Boru’s Dalcassians defeated the Danes which led Boru’s occupation of Limerick.


The military block the fair in Emly. As farmers entered the area they were all searched before being turned back


Frank Lloyd’s adaptation of Dickens’ ‘A Tale of Two Cities’ gets top billing in Kilkenny Cinema


De Valera prepares for another attempt, their third, to break out of Lincoln Prison. However, the keys that are sent into the prison, in a cake delivered by Harry Boland, do not work again. De Valera’s frustration grows

29th January 1919


Appeals are made to Brigadier-General Prescott Decie, the officer in command of troops in South Tipperary, to ease restrictions in the proclaimed area. Clonmel and Kilsheelan Coursing Club appeal for their Tipperary Cup to be held as normal

Great Britain and Ireland

172,000 people are on strike across the country. Alongside the 60k in Belfast, there are strikes growing in London, Glasgow, Leith, and Manchester.

Clonliffe Road, Dublin

RIC Officers enter a hall on the Clonliffe Road in Dublin where they find 40 men. 12 of them are arrested and charged with illegal Volunteer drilling. They are brought to the Bridewell but refuse to give their details in English or Irish


As the city remains in overnight darkness, there is a night of looting with police charging at mobs of young men in various parts of the city centre. The only illuminated buildings, post offices, attracted violence as many windows are broken

Bombay, India

Labour unrest is prevalent elsewhere in the Empire too. 150,000 people are on strike in Bombay. News reaches Ireland of riots a few days ago where two strikers were killed by the bayonettes of troops keeping the peace

Monaghan Town

100 attendants and staff of Monaghan Asylum seize the building as part of strike action. They are led by Peadar O’Donnell, ITGWU Organiser from Donegal. A red flag is hoisted over the building as 180 officers come to assess the situation


Catalan leaders, who continue their pursuit of independence, make American President Wilson, an honorary citizen. He Secretary of State replies, thanking them for their ‘compliment’. Meanwhile, his freedom of Dublin City is greeted with formal silence


The town of Macroom is proclaimed following attack on officials a few days ago. A public ITGWU meeting is broken up by RIC. Organiser, Pat Coates shouts ‘long live James Connolly’ as he leads the group to local hall where meeting continued

30th January 1919


Builders and labourers join the striking workers in Belfast bringing the total number of people withdrawing labour to 70,000. People begin to question Edward Carson’s silence on such a critical matter


The world’s biggest rope factory, in Belfast, closes when a section of key workers bring to a halt the production line. 4,000 people are left without work as a result.


Europe’s first regular commercial airline service gets a setback as officials in Paris block initial plans for service from London. It is deemed necessary to draw up set of internationally recognised rules for air travel before any service should commence


Discussions at peace conference hit stumbling block over what to do with some of the captured German colonies such as German Kamerun (Cameroon) and German Samoa. Japanese officials are especially annoyed at prospect of losing newly gained territories


The Evening Herald publishes details of Private Thomas Bennett, Royal Irish Regiment, died on his way home from the War, three days after the signing of the Armistice. He was originally from Templeogue.


Patrick Flynn, Chief witness to the Soloheadbeg Ambush, is released from hospital after being admitted for a few days the day after collapsing at the inquest into the deaths of the two RIC Officers


The Monaghan Asylum Soviet continues. A dance is held in the Asylum dining area for all inmates organised by the striking workers. It is said that the inmates of the asylum are delighted with the turn of events and excitement caused


P.J Egan is re-elected the Chairman of Tullamore Urban District Council

31st January 1919


The Daily Express newspaper reports that there are being moves made once more to introduce a Home Rule Bill in Ireland to quell growing unrest, and to curb support for Sinn Féin


There is now labour unrest in Belfast, Derry, Lurgan, Donegal, Limerick, Dublin, Dundalk, Monaghan and Maryborough


Approximately 25,000 striking workers make their way to George Square. At 12.10pm they are charged by police and chaos breaks out. The leaders of the strike, David Kirkwood and Willie Gallacher, are arrested #blackfriday #battleofgeorgesquare

Aghada Aerodrome, US Navy Base, Cork

At the American naval base in Aghada, 2 RIC Constables are arrested by American servicemen. They are detained in Cork Prison. They were found in the military stores after hours. They are reportedly based in neary Whitegate


The Nimrod, the ship that Ernest Shackleton led his Antarctic expeditions on, sinks off the coast of Yarmouth. 10 of the 12 crew drown. Nimrod had rested in Thames as a museum ship from 1909 to 1911, but was sold and refitted for commercial use again


A soldier, back home from leave, causes a significant disturbance when he smashes the windows of several homes and businesses late at night. The @NenaghGuardian notes ‘he was labouring under the influence of drink’