From Nenagh Guardian, 24th May 1919

Nenagh Courthouse Raided


About 10.30 on Monday morning District Inspector Ball-Lenthall, in command of a force of police, entered the Nenagh Courthouse and made an exhaustive search lasting for close on two hours of the entire building.

The offices of the county secretary and county surveyor were first visited. The desks and private drawers of the dirks engaged in these offices were carefully gone through, but nothing unconnected with the work of these departments was discovered only a wooden gun, which had been lying in the county secretary's office for a considerable time. This, Mr Lenthall ordered to be seized and smashed, and the order having been carried out to his satisfaction, the party made a general examination of the whole building from the ceiling to the basement. Nothing of an incriminating nature was, however, found, and the search concluded at about 12.15. p.m, when the police retired.

From Witness Statement of Bill Hoolan, Witness Statement 1,553

Another item worth recalling is that on various occasions we used an empty space in the woodwork underneath the judge's chair in Nenagh Courthouse as a dump for storing revolve4s and ammunition We derived a certain amount of amusement from walking in to the Assize Court and listening to the judge dispensing British justice whilst he sat over an I.R.A. arsenal in a courthouse crowded with members of the British forces. This toes to show how little actual knowledge the British authorities had of what was happening under their noses.